Detection record today —-4 new—-


I thought about being home alone during the day and turning off things like the heat pump and water heater. My air handler hasn’t been detected so I’ll run the fan intermittently. It may get turned off also.
I could also turn off the fridge and freezer for most of the day as I wouldn’t be opening either for any reason. Some of those appliances have inverters is why I picked them to turn off.
This is just thinking of what I could turn off right off the top of my head and without making any sacrifices.
There is not huge amount of breakers to shut off but there are a few.
If this does work then I’m thinking I’ll go the other way and start with everything off and turn on one at a time.
I have too much time on my hands


It may be wasting your time but I’m all ears with experimentation.

FYI I can be drawing 12,000+ watts and as long as its steady it still picks up a 80 watt fridge starting. I would agree with cutting the power to anything variable for experimenting, but big steady loads it seems to handle filtering through.


I’ve actually had the opposite happening in the last few days. My water heater, oven and heat pump are 3 of my best detections. Last night I was cooking supper. The water heater had turned on just before the heat pump and oven. Both of those devices ended up in “other”. I wouldn’t think the element of the water heater would cause noise but seems it did.
Water heater was on 5 minutes and when I turned off I turned both the oven and heat pump off then back on. Sense recognized oven this time but heat pump still went to “other”.
There wasn’t much else going on At the time except 420 of always on.


Timing is the biggest reason I personally feel much is lost which makes me question the millisecond usage (not capability, usage).

Anything that fires within a second or two or the other seems to be lost. Variable speed anything makes this more apparent because of the constant change that looks like a possible device to Sense.

Hard fact, my geo heat pump (that uses my well) is NEVER missed when there is no water usage since the last cycle. If a toilet is flushed or whatever the case is and the pressure tank starts at a different pressure, my well pump sometimes kicks in too close to the heat pump then it goes to other even though it draws 26000 watts during ‘inrush’. If it was thinking and using millisecond data why does this happen :slight_smile: ?


I think you are correct about timing. At least that’s what I’ve been experiencing lately.
If we have five things on, we get a notification for one and the other four end up in other. This happens when everyone gets home and laundry and cooking are going on at the same time.
I still don’t understand why sense can’t detect either of my big fans. I have a single speed air handler and the heat pump condenser fan is single speed I’m sure.


If your heat pump condenser fan is on all the time when the heat pump is on, it’s already lumped into the heat pump wattage.

My issue is less with the amount of devices on but more with the timing of ‘turn ons’. Curious if Sense is aware of this or its on purpose for some reason? If they were to lab test two different refrigerator compressors by manually controlling the compressor, how close in time to each other can they reliably detect? It would be fairly easy for them to bench test a real life monitor…


Your right about the fan because it’s 240 so would be measured as the same device as compressor. I only have one leg of the heat pump as it’s showing 2700 watts.
The fan for the condenser is not always on with the compressor. When in defrost cycle, the fan is off but the heat pump is detected either way.