Device 3 - Mystery


Hi, Sense detected “Device 3” a day or so ago. It has an odd look to it. See photos. Its pattern is not something I understand. And it seems to turn on for about 1 second, between 100-200 times a day. It only pulls 12W-23W was time it pops on. Its pattern seems too be random and somewhat inconsistent.

  • I have an aquarium heater, which is already identified and pulls 200W, so that is easy to see.
  • it is most likely not an iPad/iphone trickle charge as this pops up even when they are all unplugged. Computer is off and plugged into a WEMO insight.
  • All I can think of it being is either a router in my garage for range extension, or a Cyberpower UPS device checking to see the battery is topped off.
  • My cable modem, main router, etc are plugged into a WEMO insight, so I do not think this is them.



Hmm. Added info. When looking at the device power meter Sense says the device is only on for 1 second at a time. When I looked at the real time power meter it seems as though Device 3 is immediately followed by a 19-21W device that stays on for about 40 seconds. It looks like a tiny spike for a second and then wattage increases by about 20W for 30-40 sec. It is not my fridge (unless it is a component to the fridge). I have no other device I am aware of that cycles on and off so often for such little wattage (no sump, no radon).


Looks like a charger of some sort to me that’s topping off a battery maybe?


Thanks. I’ve eliminated a few things. All I can think of is: TiVo randomly coming out of sleep mode to check on updates or my garage door opener with back up battery topping off the charge. Sense has not detected TiVo or the garage door opener yet. It for now Device 3 is still a mystery.

Kenneth R. Herbert, Psy.D.
(mobile correspondence)