Device Detected - But later it seems that the matching is incorrect

I have a typical Condensate Pump, and Sense seems t have detected it well several weeks ago.

Last week I realized that the drain-pipe for my furnace to my condensate pump was mostly clogged causing water leaks that were there for the last 2 years in my finished garage.

Last week I decided to fix the drain-pipe, while adding another port, so it’s simpler to clean next summer.

Becasue I cleaned my drain-pipe, I have been monitoring the usage of my condensate pump, and noticed that the average usage has gone up from 3-5 times a day to about 10+ times a day, also the time for which the device runs has increased from 12-15 seconds to 12-24 seconds.

I have an alert set in Sense to notify me if the Condensate Pump runs ever for over 1 minute ( my presuption was it’s never going to happen, and this is a fault-detection [false positive] ) and it seems the device did run for about 1 minute one both yesterday and the day before.

Today I noticed another alert and ignored it at first, but opened the application to see that the device is running for > 50 mins ( that more than 250x).

It seems that some other device may have been mixed-up for this device’s utilization.