2 Devices that are getting detected as ON incorrectly

Condensate Pump
In summer when I was using my Air-Conditioner, I had a problem with water accumulating, and I was super happy that Sense detected the device. I cleaned out the pipes and then used Sense to monitor whenever the condensate pump kicks on. However lately, it seems that another device is being detected as condensate pump and keeps poping as the condensate pump is powered on.

I have a smart-plug connected to the TV, which allows me to power-off my Lutron Plug-in Dimmer ( I has the HS300 but found it to be overkill, and as I was moving switches to Lutron, I found this an easy option - I keep looking to remove ne logon)

Feedback - I have multiple times in the app, selected “Device is not On”
Feature Request - I would like that to be able to define season for device

I have similar issues with sone devices that are similar like my toaster and air fryer that are on the same circuit always get mixed up. It’s certainly not perfect in its detection on certain devices. Devices with a one speed motor work best from my experience. Good luck👍