Device detection questions

I have a square D QO 200 amp breaker and I’ve had my sense installed since December 1st and it has “discovered” 7 devices. I put it in quotes because it’s only been really accurate with the simple devices like a garbage disposal, a microwave, vacuum cleaner etc… It discovered my one mini split, I have two Mitsubishi outside units, but I’m not sure it’s really accurate as in maybe it didn’t pick up all of the unit. If I adjust the fan speed on the wall unit it doesn’t change usage for instance. My other outside unit often shows up as my stove being on which it’s currently doing right now while I’m at work so that isn’t very comforting. The stove only shows up when one stove top burner is on the rest is other.
So why was my post moved?

Hi Chris! Sense will continue to detect your devices as it gathers energy data and will improve over time. If there’s device issues you’d like us to take a deeper look at, reach out to