Devices showing up in Now tab but not under devices tab

I have a HS300 connected to some devices, they show up in now tab when they go on and off but the devices tab does not show them, nor there is any way to get to the history.

Vishal, that certainly sounds odd. Have you tried restarting the app? Force the app closed then open it again.

Hey there If restarting the app via force quit (as @jefflayman mentions above) doesn’t work, can you share a few screenshot examples of the ‘Now’ screen and the ‘Device’ tab with the names of the devices you’re missing so I can share this?

Also, if you could let me know:

  • What device you’re using (iOS/Android/Web App)
  • What version of the app you’re running (Settings > About Sense > Version)
  • How long have you noticed the issue.

using iPhone. noticed it since I added hs300 yesterday, did a 1 minute of restart of sense, no help.

missing all devices on this HS300, including iMac

I do not know if this is related but its strange for sure,
total wattage(2739)

is less than HVAC(2810) and always on combined?

this is the wattage mismatch issue.

OK - I’m counting 8 smartplug outlets in your device list, and I see at least one more on the iMac. Are you saying that bubbles appear for all of these, even when they are showing as ‘off’ in the Device list ?? That’s unusual. Just so you know, there is a range of feedback from smartplugs in the device list - I did some experiments a while back. There might be more possibilities, but this is what I found.

A Real Disconnect
Button shows “n/a” - likely networking problem. Could be anything from WiFi issues, router issues, too many smart plugs or an unpowered smartplug.

Smart Plug turned off
Button shows “off” - No surprise here, the smart plug is turned off, either via the button on the smart plug or via Kasa/Sense control.

Smart Plug / Sense combo sees “zero” power
Button shows “on”, but icon is greyed out and there is no power reading. Power has fallen below Sense’s threshold for “off”, 0.5W (may change in the future).


Working On Behavior
You can compare to a smart plug’s working “on” behavior below.


2 Likes it looks like there are a few things going on here.

If you haven’t sent a ticket into support (, please do so. To save some time, I would add in the screenshots/details that you mentioned here regarding your device and version number.

I fixed the issue by disabling integration and then enabling it again.
thanks everyone for the help.


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