Devices that are on Schedule in KASA are not reflected correctly in Sense

I have several devices connected to the KASA HS300 power strip. In the KASA app, I set some devices on Schedule to turn OFF and ON at specified times. I notices that when devices turns OFF, the Sense app logs it as OFF, however when the device turns ON, the Sense app still shows it off. I tried pressing the “off” button next to the device in the Sense app, but it would still show it as OFF. I tried restarting the Sense app, but still those devices would still be shown as OFF.

Any ideas how to fix it?

Aside from this issue, I notices that the pool pump would show as off when it’s on and the usage will be shown in Other bubble.

I have a similar issue with a KASA HS110 on a schedule. Sense thinks it is off for about 45 minutes after it comes back on, but eventually gets it right.

Is your pool pump on a KASA power strip, or is it natively detected? Natively detected devices do not always register even for known devices. Perhaps they turn on during an electrically noisy moment, or for some other reason Sense misses the “On” cue. In that case its usage shows up under Other.

The pool pump was detected natively. I have a two speed pump and apparently Sense first detected the low speed and just recently detected high speed.