Kasa HS300 not updating in Sense

I have five different devices on the HS300 and Sense integrated them. The timer function of the HS300 will shut these devices off at night. When I checked the Sense monitor this morning 3 devices are showing up in Sense. I checked the Kasa app and the devices are off. I turned one device on in the Kasa app and it does not show up in Sense. When I tried to shut one device down with the Sense App it does not respond.
Clearly a communication issue between the HS300 smart strip and Sense.

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I had a similar issue on one of my HS300s in January.

The issue happened several more times on that HS300. Sometimes I rebooted Sense to regain performance, and other times I found that waiting 24 hours solved it. Last week I “retired” that HS300 since I was no longer using it much anyway. I assume something was going bad in that hardware, as my other HS300 never gives me issues, and neither had this one previously.

I hope you find a better solution than mine!

Ensure that the HS300 uses the same wireless WAP when it connects. I setup a special WAP just for sense and the KASA smart plugs because they did not work well with my WLC system. I don’t have many 2.4Ghz devices so they can happily work on one WAP.

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