Duplicate Devices Found


I’m loving my Sense. It is finding devices every week. One question. It has found a device (Heat 3) that reports as being on whenever my stove is turned on or my iron is turned on. I’m assuming that the electrical signal for the iron and the stove burners are the same? Looking for some direction here to figure out how to correctly identify both of these devices.

Thanks in advance.


Hey Dale,

Glad to hear you’re loving your Sense! It is possible that Sense is conflating your iron and stove burner. This can sometimes happen with devices (often heats) of similar wattage. As algorithms around detection of those devices improve, we do expect this conflation to happen less and less. It’s also possible that these devices will separate on their own with the current algorithms as Sense sees them run more.

Hope that helps a little.


Thanks Ben.

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