Earthquake result 7/4-7/8

On 7/4 we had a 6.4 as in Ridgecrest.
My pressure pump was running nonstop.
I saw this on my Sense App.
I wandered around my home and discovered my deep well tank had burst spreading 4500 gal on the desert😢
I knew I needed a visit from my Well maintainer.
I called first thing on 7/5 and they said go get a replacement tank,ASAP. .
Bought my tank at 8 am the 5th.
They delivered the tank on the 6th and it was installed on the 8th.
My installer said there were no more tanks in the area.
3 weeks later the hardware store said they were getting their first delivery of tanks.

Without support from my Sense monitor, I might have been without water for 3 weeks.

My total cost for the new tank was $4000, installed

TY Sense for the great support.

Carol Schneider


Great story.

What type of tank is it? The earthquake broke a pipe connection and/or the tank itself?

[As a matter of interest: Was there anything different about the new tank install? Seismic tolerance?]

Pondering the Sense-initiated water valve (or pump) shutdown of such things … as a backup to a water-flow sensor. I’m guessing your story and others will have Sense thinking hard about how to reliably alert users and take autonomous action in such situations. I’m sure @RyanAtSense & Sense Support would appreciate having access to your data so they can do some analysis.

Was there anything else in the Sense waveform(s) during the earthquake that gives a clue to the seismic activity? Fascinating!

My original tank was rusted out and the quake broke the bottom seal of the tank. It was a metal tank, installed in 1980. There are several similar tanks in the area. Im getting lots of visitors asking about the replacement. It was 4500 gal😢

The new tank is plastic and I expect it will last at least another 40 years. The new tank is 4100 gal😀

No other damage happened in my home😁




One more thing, I lost power for 10 min after the quake. Advising might be difficult without power😢


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Well actually there is a last-resort Sense alert which could work on your phone (assuming you are online with your carrier during an emergency): “Your Sense Energy Monitor is Offline” … in some situations that could be a useful. Eat the ice cream now!

I have been impressed with the install of a large poly tank (24,000L; 3.7m diameter) a decade ago: the delivery guy rolled it off the truck, along the street and into place. Everybody needs one.

Wow, that’s a crazy story. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m glad Sense was able to help you out so quickly.

An update😉

There.are still people here in Ridgecrest/Trona who do not have water😥

I talked with my closest neighbor and his tank is OK. He did say several others in the area lost their tank or had other water line problems🛣

It’s been 1 1/2 months since the quake and the aftershocks have subsided😐

Carol Schneider