Eclipse as shown on sense

Today was a great way to witness the eclipse without looking at the sun:

Ventura, CA 40-45% at 11:11 AM local time, Total duration: 10:06 AM - 12:20 PM local time

Right after the event part of my solar (i have several systems (micro inverters & 2 types of string inverters working in parallel) went offline to later automagically return to a working status:

I am wondering if something of “rule21” was used in California to control part of the grid.
5kW of power disappeared and later re-appeared just when I got home and started to charge my EV from solar. Before I could diagnose why I was pulling from the grid the PV was back.

Fronius string inverter:

Enphase micro inverters:

That leaves only my Sunnyboy string inverter to have stopped working, which is the only one I don’t have monitoring on.

The eclipse could also be clearly seen on todays grid graph on

This is a photo taken by an acquaintance of the eclipse