North America Solar Eclipse 2017

As I didn’t have solar or a monitor during the 1991 solar eclipse, this will be interesting to watch the production drop and return. I am in the Central Valley of California and we are supposed to have about 70% totality. Just wondering if anyone else had planned to watch it?

Definitely share some screenshots when it happens!

We’re looking at 65% or so, I’m curious to see. Weather report says mostly sunny…

More cloud cover than expected, most of which seemed to come on right during coverage:


Ok, how? I can’t seem to find the link to post the screen shots. :cry:

You have to either be on a tablet or desktop. Mobile phones don’t have the upload option for whatever reason.

While I was in South Carolina for the Total Eclipse (about an hour south of Myrtle Beach), my solar panels up in Boston showed this. Maximum eclipse was 2:46pm EDT in Boston.


You can clearly see the eclipse dip. I live in the San Diego area had its peak around 10:20.


The “Upload” on the bottom right of mobile should allow screenshot on mobile. It doesn’t look like a button but is.

TIL. Thanks!