Electrical work and now one main is reading negative watts?

So last week we had an electrician come in and do a lot of work… replaced our meter, boxes and all the breakers (old house getting updated). I just reconnected the Sense unit but for some reason L1 is showing -1400’ish watts. Do the inductor clamps need to be clamped on in a specific orientation (seems odd) or is it something else?

Do you have solar ? With or without solar, when the Sense monitor is first installed, it auto configures to match up polarities between L1 and L2 (plus more for solar). When you redo your box, you need to make sure the CTs go back the same orientation they were configured in, plus you have to make sure that the breaker(s) Sense uses to measure voltages is still connected to L1 and L2 in the same order. If you can’t sort out, contact support@sense.com.

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Figured it out… the inductor clamps need to both be in the same orientation so I had to rotate one.

I did figure out the L1/2 polarity issue… and needing to return both current and voltage probes to the same Legs makes sense, but I’m not sure exactly how to do it since they changed the box around some and I’m not sure where it was in the old box.

It’s now giving me a reading… but the value is quite a bit higher than I’m expecting (generally run around 1100w during he day but it’s reading about 2400w. I don’t think that value is correct (either that or when they rewired the house they connected to a load somewhere that I don’t know about).

Wondering if I should just factory reset it (which means I need to figure out HOW to factory reset it).

Factory Reset is buried deep in the Settings > My Home > Monitor at the bottom. But before you do that, look at the Signal levels for L1 and L2. I doubt that a breaker box reconfiguration could cause Sense to show more power than is actually being used. The only way that could happen is if your power usage was very imbalanced between L1 and L2 (1200W on L1 and 0 on L2) and somehow you had both CTs watching L1 (that would give you 2400W when only 1200W was being used).

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