Every 4 min or so no clue what it is

Sense found this device a couple days ago

I have no clue what it is

It has a 58 watt exact constant use no startup inrush just on and off

Started at 8 pm and was nearly clockwork every 4 min until 6 am then nothing until 2 pm the next day till 7 pm then nothing again today.

I can’t imagine where to start looking

A picture may help. I’m rooting for refrigerator defrost cycle, but most of my guesses have been wrong so far. That’s one of the proofs of the education I’m getting from Sense. :))

Update: These 30 watt power draws are from a 27.8 ft^3 three door Samsung refrigerator, likely for cooling. They cease during defrost cycles.

Ice maker heating element in the freezer… ?

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I dont think it’s a defroster because those have a curve in the amperage vs time aspect. Those use a couple hundred watts but this uses 58 watts from on to off everytime

Like this defroster

Sorry totally forgot the pictures

It’s on every four minutes and on for how long? 60w is not that much but on a lot. What kind of device was sense think it is or suggest from the community?

keurig coffee maker? My wife’s spikes 400+ watts for a second or so, every 1 minute.

It called it “device 1”

It’s not a Keurig we have a new one that shuts off unless your making a coffee.

And oddly enough it hasn’t turned on one time since I made this post I have it notifying me.

One of my two Keurig’s has similar behavior when “turned off”. Like so many modern appliances they draw power when you think they are off. Lots of appliances do this, not just Keurig’s. Perhaps oddly, our other Keurig doesn’t to that at all.

So, check small appliances by unplugging them and watching the power meter, wherever they are.


Sorry I missed your reply

It’s in for 2 seconds every 4 min @58 watts

I was thinking a battery charger ? Maybe like a drill battery charger in the garage

Hmmmm, do you have a portable drill? If so, how many volts is the drill/battery? I have a 12v one I can plug into a Kasa and see what that looks like. Maybe a larger 14, 16, 18v drill uses that 60w whereas my 12v will use less? Interesting thought.

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so im 90 % convinced that its a battery charger i swapped batteries on the charger yesterday night and got a notification “device 1” was on 9 times again the same 58 watt perfectly flat power meter reading
one time it was on for 11 min though i want to try to replicate it to make sure but all of my batteries are charged now…

guess ill have to do more projects so i can charge the batteries again

oh and btw its a makita charger and i am charging 18 v batteries.
this is the charger i think i have

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