Expectations during Signal Check

I have reviewed the following post about the Signal Check process: What is 'signal check'?

I would like to know and ensure other users understand what else to expect during this process.

For example, at the moment my system has been installed for less than 24 hours. When I view the Monitor under Settings>My Home>Monitor, I see that the Signal check is 0% Complete. Should I expect this to be 0% until it actually completes? Is there an expectation of there being a progress bar which advances?

Another example: I go to view the current power meter during this period when the Signal Check is supposed to be running and I see little events occurring on the timeline indicating usage, but these are not actually being graphed that I can tell… I still see a flat line across the bottom with pinch to zoom for viewing higher data fidelity not having an impact. At the same time, the total watts in the upper right corner of the meter screen always shows “0w”.

Is this expected behavior during the Signal check process? Or indicative of a problem? It would be great to have an article out here which helps people starting out to know what to expect. Screenshot below:

I wouldn’t read anything into any of the data showing up before Signal Check (and Solar Calibration if you have solar), is complete. I know - it’s a tough waiting game.

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Hi @Philip - hopefully by now signal check has concluded. I do like your feedback, though, and will work with our team to better outline what expect during the signal check process.

This wound up being a polarity problem. The support team fixed it on the back-end systems. I suspect the data was effectively out of range (below zero on the graph). It seems that Sense has this polarity check built-in as an automated routine as well because it “fixed” the problem automatically except it effectively reversed the fix the support team put in manually. I had to contact them again to fix it again. Lesson is that if you see activity, but aren’t seeing data graphed you may have a polarity problem. You should just wait for the automated system to correct it within the first 48 hours before resorting to opening a support case.