Flex sensor 240 volt mini split and device 1?

So after some consternation and confusion I think I finally figured out what device 1 is. I believe it is part of my Mitsubishi mini split. The only problem is now I have the flex sensor with a single CT clamp monitoring that 240 volt circuit. Device 1 made it’s appearance long before that. I assume the CT clamp is pretty accurately measuring all of the wattage used by the mini split including the approximate 300 watts of regular use by device 1. So I wouldn’t think that I would merge the two devices because then that 300 watts would likely be counted twice? So I assume the correct move at this point would be to delete device one altogether? I noticed device one really only had usage during the colder months even though I use that mini split for air conditioning so I assume it’s a different part. The confusing part, if that’s the right course action, is would my total current stay the same or drop? Thanks

A Sense merge of a smart plug device or a DCM device (on a Flex CT sensor) and one or more detected devices is a special kind of “merge”. You actually tell the smart plug / DCM device which actual detected device(s) it is monitoring. Sense takes the measured value from the smart plug or the DCM/Flex CT as the golden measurements and avoids double counting. An example for the DCM CT that observes my floor heater sub panel with 5 different heating coils, 2 of which have been detected by Sense.

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Thanks for the quick response. I should be able to handle that but I’m curious am I doing this because it helps the learning process because I’m good with that but the way I see it couldn’t I just delete device 1 If the wattage it Was tracking is now being tracked by the flex CT?

@chrisd253, you’re right. You could delete the discovered device. Sense “tries” not to detect devices on smart plugs and DCM, but once it picks up a device, Sense seems bound to find it again. And there is a benefit to the deletion approach as well - occasionally one of the devices that is initially solidly detected, might start getting conflated with another device over time. If that happens and the device has been merged, either via a traditional “merge” or via “what’s being monitored”, you might not notice the conflation for a while… That points out a feature suggestion.

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Sorry if I gave the wrong impression but device one was not detected on a smart plug. It just showed up as a new detection back in January. The most common choice for it was heat pump but I didn’t put anything down because I wasn’t sure what I was. Thanks