Flood of on/off alerts in the last 12 hours

For the past 12 hours my android app is flooding me with notifications about my devices going between idle and on. I have 3 UPS on computers around the house. All 3 are connected to smartplugs that are tracked. As the computers spin up and down it sends alerts of on and idle. They have been like this for months and have never done this. I have the alerts setup to tell me if the power goes completely off. I have no idea what has changed but it all started happening around 4PM CST yesterday.

What are the specific alerts you have set up on these devices?

Alert me when it turns OFF?

Both ON and OFF yes.

This looks like it was related to an update last night for the latest release. Once you get v33, you’ll have a new Standby notification option as well as thresholds you can tune to cease the notifications. It may also improve without making any manual adjustments, depending on what the wattages present are.

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I now see the new options but this is causing my feed to flood now. I don’t care very much about this coming from standby to on, that happens every minute or two. I need to know when this goes off and then comes back from off. For now I have my alerts for ON and STANDBY turned off so that I at least know when it goes OFF. That said, I can barely see any of the rest of my devices in my feed because it is so flooded.

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I fixed this by setting the standby threshold back to the 8W default which basically makes it irrelevant for these plugs.

I’m having the same issue with my HS110 over the weekend. I saw the thresholds but I increased them to try to get the alerts to stop but no luck. I ended up turning off my custom alarms for the clothes washer/dryer being off for 5 minutes for now. I guess I’ll have to try enabling them again and setting thresholds back to default.

Try to make it absurdly low, like 2W. That should effectively eliminate the standby from really ever happening. In my case, my always on for those two plugs were in the 250W range so setting it to 8W is a point that should never happen.

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