Fridge and Freezer swapped signature



Both were originally detected about the same time 12 months ago but started swapping signatures last month. Brands are different (Samsung and Kelvinator)

Should I delete, rename or leave alone?

This is the Fridge, notice the startup spike was higher then went lower mid-jan before recovering and then lower again mid-feb.

This is the Freezer with the opposite behavior

ignore the 703w and 555w, it is not centered on the peak.



I’ve seen this issue myself and reported it to Tech Support about a month ago. It’s acknowledged and in work with the super-clever folk.

Worth reporting yourself to Tech Support as the more examples of the issue they have data from, the better chance they have of finding the cause and fixing it.

Once I’d reported it, and confirmed they didn’t need more data from me, I deleted one and renamed the correctly and it re-detected the deleted one correctly.


Here is what happened overnight.

The Freezer reverted back to logging the Freezer signature :grinning:
My Fridge disappeared in the app :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
A new Fridge device got detected the is now reading the fridge signature.:neutral_face:

Time to report it and probably delete both.


Recommend leaving it as-is for a while. It looks like it has corrected itself, unless I’m misunderstanding of course.

Then if it repeats, you’ll have some real good data to report and software bug fixing folk love data