Hair Dryer turning on with no one home?



i have an unknown motor that i was hopeful was the well but alas, not the case. It was discovered some time ago but wasn’t backfilled with data and hasn’t been on since that I can tell. a true mystery device. :frowning:


I mentioned earlier this behavior in both GUI’s, but just checked again to be sure. All three show zeros for runs and power in both Android and web.

Sorry, but at least the bad behavior is consistent behavior ((-:wink: across GUI.


I see this pretty frequently; either a discovered device that never runs again, or even more frequently a discovered and verified device that works for a while then stops recording completely.

Still a science project ((-:wink:


Ah - apologies on my part for not reading through your report more thoroughly…I should’ve caught that!

Trying to figure out more and will report back. Thanks for reporting!


Hey @andy - sorry for my delayed follow up here!

So the latest update to our iOS/Android apps (v19) which just came out a few minutes ago should offer backfilled data for those new devices. Hopefully, this will make them easier to identify in the future. Hope that’s helpful!


Wonderful news, and huge thanks. That should make it much easier to sort out these “discovered” devices.

My system is in the process of being replaced by Sense engineering, to see if there is a system anomaly that’s also been inhibiting its ability to discover devices…some of the power waveforms are truly weird. So, I’m pretty much on hold till the re0placement unit arrives and gets installed.



Sense app on my Droid doesn’t seem to realize that an update is available. Could it be that the update isn’t on line yet?


Mine showed up about an hour ago?


I did finally persuade it to update, but a number of “discovered” devices still show no times on and no power draws. Others do now show data.




Thanks, I just was able to persuade my Droid to upgrade Sense. I’m now at 19.0.

About half of the missing new device history (on times and power) did show up, the rest are still missing.

Still, it’s a big improvement from new devices found with no instances of coming on and no power drawn.