Heat 6, ? possible heating element?

Well, thanks so very much for your help in the past, its been great.
Have a new one, Heat 6. Not sure what this is, seems to run twice a day, not related to my fish tanks or any device being turned on that we have found. looks like it pulls 230w, and runs about 14 minutes. it runs roughly 12 hrs apart. we have a upright freezer, and our regular refrigerator/freezer. I had a notification set when the heat6 turned on, ran around the house and didn’t notice anything.
any thoughts or ideas would be great, thanks much for your time.

I would guess a defrost cycle on one of your fridge/freezers. You won’t hear this cycle, afaik.


Refrigerators (and frost free freezers) defrost from once up to four times a day, depending on models. The time and amount of power seem possible for your Heat 6. Unfortunately, there is nothing to hear and no indicator on any fridge that I am aware of.


How about the little heat element on the ice maker.

well, my notification went off, so I scrambled around, I unplugged my big upright freezer, bubble still there, so it wasn’t that one. I’ll look at my breaker panel, and see if my kitchen one is semi isolated.
I don’t think my bar fridge has a defrost.

Ice maker heaters run very briefly just before ice is being dumped, not on a timer. So timing would depend on ice maker use. I’ve never caught mine running so have no idea what they draw.

Bar fridge…NICE! Assuming that’s one of those small under counter units, it wouldn’t be likely to have automatic defrost.

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One thing to note - when hunting down devices, bubble view is not the best way to track it. Sense is lookin at on and off signatures. By pulling the plug on the freezer, even if the mystery device was in the freezer, the off signature may have looked different than what Sense is used to, so it won’t realize the device is off, and thus not remove the bubble.

There are some cleanup routines that seem to prevent devices from getting stuck on, so if Sense misses an off, it won’t just leave a device on forever, but for the sake of device hunting, you really want to look at the live power meter instead of bubble view.

Basically, if the bubble says its taking 100w, switch over to meter view and then unplug the device and see if it goes down 100w. You do have to keep in mind that the device you are unplugging may be using other power as well, so it may not be exactly 100 watts, but its close enough to hopefully be able to make an identification or tell you that you are on the right track.