New heat device found

Any idea what this device would be? It called it heat 2. I was sitting home at night watching tv and I was notified it turned on. I ruled out some security lights outside. They would only be 300w max. I did not hear anything running and it ran for nearly exactly 8 minutes.

See if this runs almost exactly the same at least once a day but more likely twice and it will be the defrost cycle of refrigerator.

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Thanks for the idea. I have a fridge and a separate freezer. Here is another sample from a prior day. I haven’t found a certain time it runs yet.

Should I be able to hear the defrost doing something?

Here is mine. You likely just don’t have enough history yet if it’s a recent detection. You’ll have more as it fills in over the next few days.
No, you won’t hear anything, it’s silent. It is possible to hear maybe some dripping into the pan but not something that is going to be easy to hear at all. I can here the defrost cycle on my beverage fridge every now and then but have never heard the kitchen fridge.

I don’t see a picture attached. I will follow it a couple days.


Ours aren’t exactly the same but I’ve seen these defrosters many times and truly believe that’s what your is also.

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Probably not. A very few refrigerators have blower assisted defrosting, but 99% or more do not. So the only sound would be water runn8ing down the cooling coils, a slight drop into the drip rail, and another slight drip down into the drip pan…think a drop falling 2-3”. Sure couldn’t hear that in my home,

I do agree this looks like a defrost cycle. Mainly that’s on a timer, but some refridges do run on a sensor, so yours may not be at the same time each day.

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Search “refrigerator defrost” on this forum. Someone did a careful study back in March and confirmed what it looks like. Mine runs for 10 minutes about 2x/day but it’s not always at the same time.