Heating circulator pump disappeared


I have a new (just over a week) Sense installation. I installed just before leaving for vacation, so the house has been unoccupied with only a few loads running regularly. Sense successfully detected my refrigerator, oil burner, and hydronic heating circulator pump. Other than the always-on devices and christmas lights, that’s pretty much all of the major loads that it caught.

Yesterday the heating circulator device disappeared, and its usage seems to be dumped into “other” now. How can I make it come back?


This may not be the most satisfying answer, but my suggestion would be to give Sense a little more time. As Sense learns your home more and more, it refines the detection models in your home. Your heat circulator should reappear as this happens.


I guess we’ll see!


Looks like the device came back as a new unknown device. Good news! Hope it stays this time.

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