HS110 excessive contacting devs.tplinkcloud.com

I have around 10 HS110s installed. Recently I installed a pihole ad blocker on my network. This is a screen snap of its most blocked addresses. Its a 24 hour moving average.


Does anyone know what its doing? Pihole blocks DNS queries so its saying that 44992 times a day the HS110s try to resolve devs.tplinkcloud.com. Thats about once every 10 seconds. I thought that was rather excessive so I blocked it. It hasnt seemed to impair its operation as far as I can tell.

From the screen snap you can see the next most active device is only 91 queries a day. Roughly 95% of my daily DNS queries originate in HS110s.

Should I unblock it? Is it hurting interoperation with Sense in any way that I havent yet detected?

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More info on how to stop this here: Reverse Engineering TP-Link HS110. Search for devs.tplinkcloud.com on the site.