I'm looking for some help

Just when I think everything is going smooth things seem to change with sense, before I explain my problem I wish to note, I’ve had me sense since 10/2017 so I’m no novice here.
now to my problem I recently replaced my Keurig coffee maker that has failed with a new one the old one was being shown and detected by sense as well as all the other device, once I activated the new one it was detected first as my oven and then as my air fryer and has been doing it since and by the way when I use my air fryer it also show as running in the bubbles, of course as long as the coffee maker isn’t turned on, I reported it to sense help 2 times and with no reasonable answer, I figure the might not understood my problem or they just don’t know the answer, so here I am asking the community for some reasonable answers on how I can resolve this problem, I’ve exhausted every thing I can think of, hopefully someone here will have a answer that will get me back on track again

@gpasnak , you have been a user since 2007 ? Maybe 2017 ?

Sounds like your new Keurig is experiencing Sense device conflation, where it looks enough like other detected devices that it shows as those others. Sometimes deleting the other devices that show conflation can help - but I generally don’t do that. I just note that the detection is the sum of multiple devices.

since oct 2017 I’ve had my sense, slip of the fingers on the 2007, sorry