Detection issue on new device

I recently added a TV stand that contains an electric fireplace. Sense has detected it as my Keurig. How do I correct this issue or will Sense resolve the issue at a later date? will turning both on at the same time help?

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@bmarcella1948 , you’re probably seeing device conflation, where the two heating devices are close enough to be indistinguishable to Sense. Sense “learned” the Keurig, and the new TV stand heater looks close enough in it’s on/off. Turing both on won’t help, but 3 things might:

  • Deleting the Keurig - might force Sense to re-evaluate
  • Moving the Keurig or TV stand heater to an outlet on the opposite leg. That will make the two look different to Sense
  • Wait for Sense to rework device training for your home. Not sure how often that takes place.