Incorrect MAC address for HS300

I added an HS300 Yesterday and it worked fine until this evening. I started looking at the Config in the sense app and it looks like the MAC address is no longer correct, the Kasa app has the MAC address and it still works but sense has a string 42 characters long though they are correctly formed just too long and no “:” separators. All of my HS110s still are fine. How can I resolve this? Delete and recreate?
This does not allow it to talk to the plug strip.


I don’t think that’s the problem. My HS300s, in the Kasa app, have MAC addresses like 68:FF:7B:B8:83:7E. The address shown in Sense for the device in plug 6 is 8006FA0661C5FCF600FB85330F54DD991B7C555C05. For this device, I get energy readings in Sense and the on/off option.

Having said that, a delete and recreate should fix it, but I’m curious if there’s a better way.