Incorrect Wattage usage detected and/or grouped/categorized

Is it possible to work with SENSE Technical Support on goings on, in the monitoring/logging of my account at a given time?

In this case it would be between 12:00 and 12:30PM Pacific.

In my ‘other group’, I had around 3K Watts, and at that time my pool pump was running (which hasn’t been detected still).

It’s a ‘smart pump’ and it’s able to display the RPM and WATTS and so far it has been in-line with what SENSE reports when I turn it on/off as within +/- 10-20 watts.

I’ve been posting some concerns about mis-detection and mis-reporting/logging of wattage and/or device activity and wondered if SENSE is splitting wattage detection/usage.

In checking what the PUMP says it’s using, its around 2400watts

I turn the pump off, and my SENSE Other group, drops to 1300watts… not closer to 600/700 as expected.

It would be interesting to see the Power Meter (not the bubbles) for your pump going on and off to gauge what Sense is seeing.

And if you are even more intrepid, you could try to catch the pump in the act of going on and off in the live Power Meter from either the iOS or Android app. You’ll be able to see / show the transitions that Sense is tagging, like in the screenshot below. That might give you a much better idea of what is going on and make it easier for users on the forum to comment.