Induction cooktops


I’ve had my Sense for a week and a half. Impressed so far, but lots yet to detect.

In reading the posts, I don’t see much mention of Induction cooktops. Just seeing what everyone else’s experience is with them?



I have a 5 element GE Monogram Induction and a Sense for a year. Nothing yet on the Sense, but to be honest, I feel like it might be hard to detect.
I’m sure you’ve watched the graph and can see the little spikes as it “pulses” the induction elements. This of course changes depending on how high you have the burner set. Sometimes I see more frequent spikes, but of the same draw. Other times it keeps the element on longer at a lower or higher draw.

I assume other products do the same, but I know that the GE regulates power consumption. So the 11" 3700w element won’t get full power all the time if I’m also using the 8" 3200w and one of the 7" 2500w. Granted it doesn’t happen often that I have that many burners going at full, but I assume since it can control the elements so well, it may do some tricky things like giving each burner its “time” before giving another one some for a few seconds. Or maybe it just lowers all the elements. I haven’t played with it and watched the Sense app that closely.

In any case, thats my long way of saying, looking at the signatures, while there is pattern, it changes a lot depending on cooking, so I feel that the Sense will take a long time to learn it.


I was using my portable induction burner the other day and my sense was showing a 520watt device going on and off every 5 seconds and I forgot the induction burner was on so I was running around the house searching for the mystery device. Kind of like walking around looking for your keys and they are in your pocket. The sense didn’t Identify the induction cooktop but maybe after I use it several more times it will.


Hey Rex,

Sense does need to see a device a number of times before it can accurately identify it. An induction burner could be a little trickier given that it has different settings.

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