Replacing our stove

We purchased a new (electric induction) stove that will be installed soon. I would like to preserve the usage data from our old stove to provide a basis for comparison and to maintain a historical usage record. What will work best? Do I just plug in the new stove and let sense discover it as a new device or is there a better plan? Does sense provide features that can help with device replacement? Thanks!

If you currently have “Stove” then, unless you delete the device (don’t!) you will continue to see that listed and have the data indefinitely. Meanwhile when you install and use the new induction stove it will eventually be detected and you can call it, say, “Induction”.

Comparing usage in the Device interface or through data export will then be straightforward: “Stove” vs “Induction”.

Caveat: Induction stoves (and resistive element stoves for that matter) are multi-component beasts. So you may well get multiple detections for the new device and then have to choose how you name them and whether to merge the data.

Tracking your induction detection success after replacement would be handy data in and of itself so keep us informed!

I’ll be installing an induction range myself soon and intend dedicating a Sense monitor to it so I can really track usage from day 1 … and then perhaps compare that with the native detection.

Lee… We put in a new induction stove (LG) about 2 weeks ago. I did nothing with Sense. Had individual burners detected on the radiante stove before. Burner 1, 2 ,3 etc. Nothing from Sense from around 5:00 pm to around 7:00 pm when it is time to wash dishes. Well pump, water heater etc detected after dinner. Also nothing around noon from stove new or old. I was going to let it ride for a few weeks more… Later… My 2 cents… Gerry

Just to possibly manage expectations - others may have had a better experience, but I have a 5 “burner” induction cooktop (GE 36" Monogram) that has not been detected by Sense.

It has detected the cooling fan (sometimes), but otherwise nothing else.
Watching the power meter, i’m not surprised it hasn’t nailed it. 5 burners, each burner with around 12 different heat settings. Each one is different. Run two burners at a time, and the cooktop may vary output based on power draw to protect itself. I know at least on mine, its on a 50amp circuit. If you were to add up the power draw of all 5 burners at full capacity, it is much more than 50amps, so they just don’t let you run them all. So there is a lot going on. Also, unlike a traditional heating element which have a more familiar and detectable signature, the induction cooktop is constantly “pulsing” at a very hight rate. To my eye, this would be really really hard for Sense to nail down. Catching 24kHz pulses feels like a lot to ask.

That said, again, maybe others have had better detections.

Thanks for this. As the device inventory features evolve it will be helpful if users can mark a device as “replaced” and include the details about the date of removal and include a link to the new device. With a device marked as removed it should never again appear in the display of “now on” devices. Linking the old and new devices helps organize the information. Thanks