Has the underlying Sense hardware changed over time?

Maybe this should be a different topic so as a newbie apologies in advance.
I am 3 days with Sense and so far it has found 6 devices, for of which seem to be recording correctly but two (oven and cooktop) have gone AWAL. So based on what I am seeing so far I am very optimistic for the future.

Question does anyone know if the hardware has changed since the original sensors / control unit? I ask because maybe newer units are better at detecting than say a two year old divides

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The underlying electronics are unlikely to have changed at all. Too much software effort to support multiple versions of hardware/firmware. I do think some of the mechanicals improved to fix a few early issues.

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I do t know if there has been a hardware change but I can give you some advice on the oven and stovetop.
My range has 5 burners, 2 oven elements and a fan. I had 7 total detections for the range (not now, just reset Sense). When each component was detected, they would often get conflate where the detection for front left burner would alert when the broiler came on.
Two things you can do. I did both like this.
I started by using the “this device is not on” button to let Sense know that it was alerting for the wrong device. After weeks of doing this, they got a lot more accurate.
This is the second thing but doesn’t require to do the first. I then merged all 7 detections into my “Range”. I then had it setup to track overall use it I could un-merge and track each individually if I wanted to.
I just did a reset and I will probably do it the same way as the detections for these come back up.

Thanks for the quick response both.

As for the oven and cooktop I had only turned on the upper oven and used only one of the burners but what you say makes sense when I start using them more frequently. Most of the cooking this time of year is outside on the grill

There have been only minor hardware changes, primarily for cost and reliability. Device detection, ultimately, is a software problem. The hardware just gives us the high-resolution data (and does some filtering) and sends it to the software.

Thanks Ryan. I am sure there will be a second generation hardware in the works that will leverage improved / new and maybe additional sensors and filters.

Not a direct equivalent bu I have seen my Eero mesh network and SmartThings hubs go from a 1st generation of hardware to now their second giving significant enhancements / functionality.