Introducing Sense's Community Manager


Ben. Regarding my issues that were turned over to the science team, is there a projected turn around time. Also, you posted to another user that the team is hard at work on suggested items 3, 4, and 5. How far along are they on those items, 20%, 50%, 75%. Is there a targeted completion date on those items, and if so, what is that date? Reason for these questions are, another user inquired on 1/18 about the Web UI ETA. On 1/20 sense rep said this Web UI was just around the corner. Today the same user asked for an update and the answer from sense was, sorry to keep you waiting but unfortunately we still don’t have an official date for release.That’s a little over two months that has gone by, and still no confirmed release date is available. I know that I have been criticized for being hard and demanding on sense rep’s in regards to detailed tech support answers, and problem resolve turn around time frames, but taking more than two months ( Keep in mind the response given on 1/20 was just around the corner ) just to get a update on a targeted completion dated seems to be a bit long. Please advise on what I can expect for a turn around time on my issues that were sent up to the science team…


Hi Greg,

With respect to the web app, I can’t give an exact release date right now but I can tell you that it is actively being worked on by our development team. I know this is in high demand and I really appreciate everyone’s patience!

As I said in the solar thread, that problem should be fixed in the next couple weeks.

I’m sorry that you are having an issue with your freezer/refrigerator reading. Unfortunately, its difficult for me to say when the Data Science team will get this problem resolved, as it could be tied to a more complex issue.


Ben. Perhaps you can give me some direction on solving some of my current Sense problems. I’ve had Sense for about 8 months, and so far it’s only identified 6 devices accurately. At the same time it’s failed to ‘discover’ my

Samsung refrigerator
GE washer
GE dryer

They just fall under the ‘Unknown’ category so I have no way of linking them to an identified device.

In addition, I get multiple device readings for my

Bosch dishwasher
Kenmore range
Panasonic bread maker
GE microwave

I’ve written to Sense Support several times about the lack of ability to identify key devices in my house. Each time I’ve been told they’re working on it and will get back to me. I’ve read the FAQ’s and blog, but I’m still at a loss of what to do next. A product this erratic ceases to be useful.

I love the idea of a device that monitors and identifies devices based on their unique characteristics, and one that gathers data from a wide base to make the job easier. I do find Sense to be very helpful in identifying and tracking some devices in my house, but the lack of accurately identifying this many key devices makes it overall a failure as an energy monitor. Perhaps this product was released prematurely. Unfortunately, if asked, I would not recommend this product to anyone else at this time.


HI @gary1,

Really sorry that you’ve had that experience. There may be an issue with your device detection. I’m going to let our Data Science team know, so they can look into the issue further. I’ll reach out via email in the next couple days when I have more information!