IOS App pause/sleep based on device energy settings

I’d love it if the IOS app did not stay active and keep my iPad or iPhone active with the screen at full brightness if I put it down and step away. Currently it stays active and doesn’t let the iPhone or iPad go to sleep. If I do that I come back after a few hours to a fully lit iPad and a nearly dead battery because the Sense app never went to sleep like every other app on my iOS devices. At least give me the option to toggle that feature on and off. It should act like every other iOS app and go to sleep based on the energy settings of the device.

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I could see a toggle feature but I don’t think it would be popular to disable as it would mess with anyone who has an iPad setup as an always on monitoring screen for their Sense at their home.

Another app I use, Weatherflow Tempest, has a setting called “always on mode” that’s toggled by the user in the app settings page. This keeps the screen on and is used when the app is running in a kiosk/display application.