Have to restart app constantly

Pretty much every time I open my iOS app (every could hours), it just sits there “loading” the graph. Yet the moment I close the app and open it again, the data loads instantly.

My iPhone Xs is running iOS 12.2 and Sense app 26.0-9f52066f

Is this a known bug?


I have the same issue with the same iPhone device.

I reached out to the team. I’ll update everyone when I hear back. Things look fine on my end on iOS 12.2 and v26, so I can’t seem to reproduce.

Spoke to the team and there’s been some reports of this coming in, though they’re limited to iOS devices.

We can’t seem to reproduce on internal users’ devices, so please keep detailed reports coming in to Support.


I am having the same problem too on an iPad and iPad pro. It began as soon as Apple updated my IOS version to the latest one…12.2. It appears Apple changed something. After a couple days of using 12.2, I have also noticed other IOS apps are hanging too and need to be restarted. so I don’t think it is Sense related. I have reported it to Sense support with the case number 126602.

I have an older iPad that cannot be updated. Latest version for iPad 3 is 9.3.5.
I say this because I’m having the same problem and don’t believe it has anything to do with an Apple update or it would only affect my phone.
This started with me 2 days after Sense V26 update

Haven’t noticed any other Apple App problems recently

I’m having the same issue as well. When resuming a previously run instance of the Sense app, it will rarely connect. I force-quit & restart, and I connect immediately. This happens with iOS 12.2 on an iPhone 6 and on the latest iPad, with the latest Sense app.

I am having the same problem on iPhone 6s and iPad Pro. I found that instead of restarting I just double tap the home button to bring up all the apps you have running and flip the sense app off the screen. Hit the home button again then the sense app and it loads right away.

We’re currently testing a fix for this with internal and some external users. Please keep writing into Support if you’re experiencing this on iOS.

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@RyanAtSense I don’t have the latest firmware yet, but I think whatever fix you’ve done on the backend is working; I don’t think I’ve had to force quit the app recently to get it to load the data. Also, I’m using beta app 26.2.

Agreed. I too am seeing this issue. Quite annoying actually.

In the last day or so this has stopped happening for me, which is good. I wonder if there was a back end change that addressed this?

We just pushed out a fix for this with the 26.2 version of the app. You should see it available in the iOS app store soon.

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