iPad 2 is in need of an older version of Sense

For several years I’ve had an iPad 2 hanging on my wall happily displaying the Sense home screen. I was recently forced to factory reset the iPad due to a memory issue. The iPad is now back to 100% but of course I had to delete everything. When I go to the Apple app store to reinstall Sense I get an "is not compatible with this iPad" error. Is there any way to install the older version of Sense that is/was compatible with my iPad 2 version 9.3.5?

Hey @mhaverstick, thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, once you have updated the app to the latest version, it’s not possible to revert to an older version.

You could go to home.sense.com on your iPad though and access Sense through the Web app. It won’t be the same experience but it’s a way you can still display Sense.

As I’ve learned the hard way, you need to backup your iPhones and iPads including apps to a computer at least once every 3 months. That way the older apps can be installed locally.

As mentioned by @Beachcomber , backups of Apple products to a PC keep a copy of the application in addition to the data. Backups of Apple products to iCloud keep only the data and assume that one will re-download the application. Download from the App Store can fail if the app is no longer supported by the developer, by the hardware, or by Apple.

Thanks for the responses. I did have things backed up to iCloud but that didn’t matter as Apple decided my device is end of life. I saw in the app store there is version history. I was hoping there was a way to download an older version from the list. I thought maybe the developer could make that option available, but maybe it’s not a thing Apple lets developers do? At any rate, I’ll try the web browser route. Unfortunately, the default version of Safari will not load the home.sense.com site, and the big three on the app store (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) are no longer compatible. It’s too bad, I have a great application for an old but perfectly good iPad, but I’m not allowed to use it anymore. That’s progress I guess.

I know the feeling. I have an old but perfectly good Kindle with better specs than most new ones that cannot be used for anything, not like any Kindle ever could… Now not even the Alexa app or Amazon shopping… Go figure…