iPad app , missing data behavior, that heals itself?

I sometimes launch the Sense app, and see a gap with missing data…(sample attached with nothing in the 1:15 pm are)… so I go away from the app and come back a few minutes later and its all filled in (a follow up screen capture with that 1:15 area circled).

This happens often…this typically behavior ?

That can be typical at points in time.

Jim…??. That happens almost all the time with my phone apps and desk top. What I do sometimes to make it fill a little faster is change the time frame. I will have it look at a ‘day’ then change it back to an ‘hour’. That sometimes brings or digs the data out quicker. I don’t like to sit and wait for it. Not sure what the hold up is, but I see this often. My 2 cents… Later…Gerry

Would like to add… Not sure how you do this on a iPad… I use an Android… I close all apps and flush / clear the memory. And / or do a refresh on the desk top… This helps it to make what I will call make room for the data.