Is KP115 120v useful on 220v equipment?

The old HS110 at 120v could be used also on 220v devices (I had 2 aircon units working perfectly)

Does anyone tried this on the new KP115?

Cheers guys

That is good news, 220v also on these devices.
I will double check when I received them and let you guys know if they manage to support 220v equipment.
I use them basically for Inverter Air Conditioning unit, because the compressor is a variable speed and Sense would never catch this kind of equipment that always vary their output.

Not so fast … I have multiple KP115’s, and on the units themselves, the Specs are: 100-120 V, 60Hz, 15A

Those are destined for the NA market … unless there is a variant sold overseas that can handle 240V, I’d be very careful!

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You are completely right, here. I grabbed technical specifications from the wrong source. Please be aware @033sebastian:

Working Status

100 - 120 VAC, 15 A

Maximum Load
15 A, 1.8 KW for 120 V

Do you know if currently are 220v available that are compatible with sense?

At this time, no. You can see the list of smart plugs we’re compatible with here: