Is there a way to set TOU Solar sell back rate?

Hey all, so I see there is a way to set solar sell rate. With net metering as I understand it with TOU rate plans I am “selling back to the grid” at the rate the power was generated in. Is there a way to create TOU solar sell back rates or should I just average it out?

No, there is no way to do that today… Today, there is only the ability to understand net consumption/usage by kWh… I think what you are asking for (potentially) is a monetary net consumption/usage figure…

When I first read the words “sell back”, I was thinking you were asking for the proceeds from excess production after your annual true-up (which here in my local area is about a 3¢/kWh sell back rate).

Update: Oh wow, I forgot that Sense does have a monetary net usage/production… So I guess the question/request is to have that number be based on the TOU tiered pricing for both production and consumption…

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Yes exactly!

Settings->my home->electricity info

You may need to add a lot of TOU rate zones there to cover your tariff rules…mine requires 16 entries to cover {peak, partial-peak, off-peak} x {weekday, weekend} x {summer, winter}.

It is worth the effort to set this up if you have a TOU tariff that has very different rates. You also have to have true (100%) net-metering.

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