Issue with antivirus software - BitDefender (Free Edition)

Just making users and SENSE developers aware…

I can restart the BitDefender software, after the SENSE APP logs in. As long as I keep the original EDGE instance (or window) open, then there are no problems. If I close all EDGE windows, then I have to repeat the process of stopping BitDefender before I can login to the SENSE APP from my laptop. It’s a crude work-around, but … I don’t have another solution.

The problem occurs on both the regular or the Beta SENSE web connections.

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I’ve notified our Support team about this issue and will touch base with our platform team first thing tomorrow AM to see what’s causing this issue and if there’s a fix on our end. Thanks for the screenshots @Dcdyer!

Hi @Dcdyer - the initial feedback I’ve gotten is that some users have had success using a different browser. It seems this issue was widespread after BitDefender changed its HTTPS scanning in an update a couple years ago.

Either way, if you wouldn’t mind submitting a support ticket for this issue it would help us learn if this issue expands to other anti-virus software or if it’s just related to BitDefender.

Thank you so much for this post, @Dcdyer! This solves an issue that began for me on Apr 7, 2021. I reached out to Sense technical support at that time, but without success. They asked about my hardware and operating system, but not about my virus protection. I use BitDefender on my home computer, which is where the issue is observed. My work computer never had the issue, but it uses Norton. Everything falls into place with your input!

I tried white listing, but that was insufficient. I had to turn off virus protection entirely, as you suggest, to resolve the issue. I will reach out to technical support again, to see if your input helps them reach a resolution. Thanks again!