K-Cup vs Air Fryer

I have a K-Cup coffee maker. I used a smart plug to help detect it and all seemed fine for 6 months, until I purchased an Air Fryer at Christmas.
Now when the Air Fryer is on it comes up with K-Cup machine and the real coffee maker is no longer detected.

What’s plugged into the smart plug now ? The smart plug probably didn’t help Sense learn the K-Cup.

Never left the K-Cup machine. Still plugged in.

Then your best course of action is to rename the K-Cup detection (not the smart plug) as Air Fryer, and to remove the “What’s plugged into this” back to Other.

I too have this same issue. I have a Keurig and an air fryer toaster oven. Whenever the air fryer turns on it shows up as the Keurig. I keep going to devices and reporting that the Keurig is not on. I am hoping that it will eventually learn that there are two different devices running.

I have had Sense for just over a year and have not learned anything useful. I had 6 of “fridges” 8 “heats” 12 “devices”, a handful of “lights” that were on/off every minute. The only two devices that were accurate were one dishwasher and a dryer. I actually pulled it out yesterday. It is complete and functional and I have been debating about selling it on eBay. Extremely dissatisfied.