Latest June Sense Newsletter.. Induction Stoves

Hello… Have not seen a survey lately, But I think it takes a moderator to set this up…??

Could we get a survey for the type of stove ot4hers are using in their homes?? Induction, Electric, Gas, Duel Fuel, Microwave, Wood (Hi)… Other… Maybe a place for brand…

My 2 cents… Thought the data would support someone’s reason on your staff that found a reason to run the story… Later. Gerry

Hey @gcrawford.k8ger - can definitely run this type of survey if it’s of interest to folks here, but that wasn’t the preface for us writing this blog.

I actually get to work on the blog and a lot of the story and topic choices are a result of general inquiries from our team about energy efficient or all-electric appliances. For induction stoves, we were beginning to hear a lot about their growing popularity and after some research, came to the conclusion that these are a solid alternative for someone looking into a net-zero home or switching from a gas stove to electric.