Majority of Detected Devices Missing "Not Reliably Detected"

I tried to post in Beta but you can not post there so posting in next closest topic. Today at 11:53am most devices that had been discovered the last year were deleted due to “was not reliably detected so it has been removed”. Now all 15 of the devices were correct so not sure why there were deleted. Now I only have 10 and my “other” is so high because my devices are gone and the historical data is gone. Was there a update that caused this by any chance I am in the device beta?

Hi @utrockets. Just to make sure - you had 15 total devices detected and now you only have 10?
Let me know if I can have our Support team look at your data.

No I used to have 25-30 devices. Now I am down to 10. last night though it found a water heater which I confirmed was the hot tub. Not sure what happened if it was the beta for device detection or something else.

Do we have permission to let our Support team look at your monitor data?

No problem go ahead


Thank’s for sharing!
Our Data Science team is currently looking into this.

Update: We had an uncommon failure in our modeling pipeline. We did not gracefully handle the failure in this case. It is reversible and should be fixed by tomorrow afternoon @utrockets. Thanks for being so quick to let us know!