Mobile App Redesign UI Inconsistencies


I like the mobile app redesign but the UX team introduced consistency issues based on platform, as Android, iOS and the web views all look completely different now (in regards to color and styling).

Here are my concerns:

Dark mode is not true dark mode
I really like the navy blue background in dark mode, but this does not help conserve battery on OLED displays. Black or very dark gray is preferred. A lot of other other apps have a Dark mode and a Midnight mode to differentiate pure black vs other dark colors (ie - Twitter/𝕏 has dim and lights out).

Removal of Custom Color Options & Inconsistency Between Android and iOS Apps
I really liked the option of choosing the color scheme. I liked to set it to orange in the winter when my heat was running and blue in the summer when my AC was running. This seems to have been removed. Was removing this intentional?

And why are the bubble colors and accent colors green on iOS and orange on Android? This seems like a bug confusing the Sense & Schneider Electric branding

Web Version Untouched
The web version was not changed at all, and still lets you select the theme colors.

Just curious if there are any plans to continue tweaking the design. Thanks!


Everyone’s screen and vision is different.
I find that it’s easier to read the blue version with my blue light filter on.
And at night the blue screen is so much brighter then whatever else I’m using my phone for.
I kind of preferred the old look.


Personally, I want the option to change my theme back. I used orange and that’s really what I want lol


@BeccaAtSense Please restore black mode to black. If you want to offer an additional dark blue blue mode, fine.