Mobile App Version?

I am currently exchanging emails on a support ticket with the Support team. They said I needed to maybe update my iOS app to v31.5. Take look here at the version inconsistency:

@JustinAtSense What is the current version for iOS? We have v31.4 in the Title on that page, but v31.5 in the notes below.

Hey there @mrtimo. Valid point here. In the days after release, we released a small follow-up patch following the release of Android (v31.5) and iOS (v31.4).

I added the updated patch versions (Android v31.6 and iOS v31.5) to the release notes and community notes so that users were aware that we had to push out a small update following the original release to address a few bugs. I am open to feedback if you think there’s a clearer way to highlight small updates in the community and release notes and apologize for any confusion!

Oh now I see what you were trying to do. When I read the ‘Updates’ section, I interpreted that as ‘updates included in the versions listed at the top of the page’. Instead, it is meant to be read ‘updates to the versions listed at the top of the page’.
It’s no big deal - I usually just update a version when the app store has it available and pay little attention to the version number. However, in this case I was working on a ticket with support and that is where my confusion arose.

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