What's new in v31.2 (iOS): Bug Fixes and Under-the-hood Improvements

We just released a small patch to iOS, v31.2 that will be available in the app store soon.
There will be a similar patch for Android released in the coming weeks.

Patch v31.2 includes minor back-end changes to:

  • bug fixes (including a fix to a recent Solvvy bug)

  • general under-the-hood improvements to the Sense app.

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i dont see / never got this in testflight

Hey @danderson. Since the fixes on this patch were minor, it wasn’t sent to the external list.

ok… works for me…

We’ve just released v31.3 to the Android Play Store. This includes the same small bug fixes released for iOS v31.2.


Opening the solar tab now defaults to day instead of week! Thank you.

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