Mobile login issue

will not let me log in on the phone been down since august 8th no help one reply from technician
might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address
thats the message Imgetting

This is something that really has to go through Support. If you submitted a ticket yesterday, you should hear back soon. Support hours are 9 to 6, ET.

In the meantime, you’re trying to log in via the mobile (Android/iOS) app and seeing that message? It’s not a webpage, so that doesn’t sound right. Make sure you’re not trying to log in to the Web App via a mobile device, as that will not work.

As @RyanAtSense mentioned, the web app is not available for mobile, you will end up at a page printing you to install the Android or iOS version.
But if your trying to use the phone app and it’s not working, Have you tried uninstalling the Android app from your phone and reinstalling?