Monitor off-line

Please disregard - I tried power cycling again after I posted this note and the monitor came back online. You guys are fast!

Power quality graphs updated to 12/18/22; however date/time still wrong; data gaps still present.

Current date: 12/21/22

My monitor has been off-line for approximately 3 days.

I added it to an open support ticket at #326549.
It has open since 11/25/22 re: power quality lab, data drops, date error.

The power quality graph finally up-dated on 12/13/22 and appeared to be updating every 3 days before the monitor went off-line.

The dates on the power quality lab were still incorrect; reports 0 days of data.

The gaps in the power quality graphs were also still there.

RE: monitor off-line:
I looked for similar topic threads but all were closed as they were over a year old.

I checked at and it reports systems are operational.

My monitor has been offline for approximately 3 days, 12/18/22.

I have repeatedly tried the Sense recommended troubleshooting steps, including power cycling: flip breakers, 5 secs off, re-power.

I ran the connection test a few times. The system said it was good but could not finalize the process.

I have been connected to cat5e ethernet cable for a week or so. (It was special issue, not available to all.)

I unplugged the cable, re-plugged and secured it. I also ensured it was plugged into the router and operational.

The wifi antenna was still connected so I removed it in case it was causing problems.
(The monitor was working fine without the wifi antenna so I don’t think it would help to replace it but I could try.)

I am still unable to finish the connection process and am not sure what else I can do at this end.

I watched a 2019 video on facebook that Justin posted linking “monitor off-line” issues to the “power outages” in California.

My off-grid solar power was manually switched to generator power a number of times prior to the monitor going off-line. It caused a few brief “power outages” so may be why my monitor is off-line.

I could not find any information on what else I can do on this end to bring the monitor back on-line.

The recommendations on the FAQ includes “contact sense support” if home measures are not successful.

So, here I am.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Mine has been up and down the past few days too.