Monitor off-line

Please disregard - I tried power cycling again after I posted this note and the monitor came back online. You guys are fast!

Power quality graphs updated to 12/18/22; however date/time still wrong; data gaps still present.

Current date: 12/21/22

My monitor has been off-line for approximately 3 days.

I added it to an open support ticket at #326549.
It has open since 11/25/22 re: power quality lab, data drops, date error.

The power quality graph finally up-dated on 12/13/22 and appeared to be updating every 3 days before the monitor went off-line.

The dates on the power quality lab were still incorrect; reports 0 days of data.

The gaps in the power quality graphs were also still there.

RE: monitor off-line:
I looked for similar topic threads but all were closed as they were over a year old.

I checked at and it reports systems are operational.

My monitor has been offline for approximately 3 days, 12/18/22.

I have repeatedly tried the Sense recommended troubleshooting steps, including power cycling: flip breakers, 5 secs off, re-power.

I ran the connection test a few times. The system said it was good but could not finalize the process.

I have been connected to cat5e ethernet cable for a week or so. (It was special issue, not available to all.)

I unplugged the cable, re-plugged and secured it. I also ensured it was plugged into the router and operational.

The wifi antenna was still connected so I removed it in case it was causing problems.
(The monitor was working fine without the wifi antenna so I don’t think it would help to replace it but I could try.)

I am still unable to finish the connection process and am not sure what else I can do at this end.

I watched a 2019 video on facebook that Justin posted linking “monitor off-line” issues to the “power outages” in California.

My off-grid solar power was manually switched to generator power a number of times prior to the monitor going off-line. It caused a few brief “power outages” so may be why my monitor is off-line.

I could not find any information on what else I can do on this end to bring the monitor back on-line.

The recommendations on the FAQ includes “contact sense support” if home measures are not successful.

So, here I am.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

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Mine has been up and down the past few days too.

Mine has been up and down the past few weeks too. Reset monitor, reset my internet connection.

Some body with same issue? or solution.

Hi @britog, I would suggest filing a support ticket the way @JuliaAtSense suggests here:

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My Monitor was showing data gaps for about 2 weeks (off for 1 - 2 mins and back on for 5 -10 mins) and then finally shut down all together. It WILL NOT connect no matter what I do. I went through ALL help video’s and even un-installed the SENSE app and then reinstalled it again. What should I do now.

@llharski , have you tried a power cycle of the monitor for longer than 10 sec ? If you have, and it still remains offline, you can try two things:

  • Try the Network test in the app. You’ll need to get within a few feet of the Sense monitor with your phone.
  • If that comes to naught, then contact

I tried everything you can think of. I went through the complete help/trouble shooting guide. Nothing. I have to try cycling the power and watch

the monitor to see if there are blinking lights inside of the monitor. If not, the monitor is dead.