Mysterious Phantom Heat returns

Anyone experience a complete phantom bubble? Heat 3 is a mystery. It’s not accurate. My meter is showing 300+ Watts usage, heck even sense is showing “accurate” usage in parts of the app. But this heat 3 is a mystery.

@kevin1 I took a screenshot or two hehe… Let me know if you need anything else.

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Did the Heat 3 bubble pop up concurrent with the 1858W spike in your second set of screenshots ? If so, they it might be a case of Sense seeing the on signature but missing the off. It looks like the spike drops down to a higher plateau on the “off” side meaning the on power and off power would look different. Would be interesting to see the Power Meter reading just before and just after the spike. If the plateau before the spike is in the neighborhood of 1858W - 1025W = 833W, then that would fit. But you might need to zoom in way closer to really see since Sense might only look at a second or so of transition.

I don’t know when it popped up. It’s still showing. I did set it to alert me when it turns on and off, so perhaps I can figure it what heat 3 is.

I’ll get more screenshots in the morning if it’s still showing.

What major appliances do you have? Any that aren’t identified yet? Any that you think would not have a heat source but might? Just last week I figured out my gas dryer has a heat coil to ignite the gas.

Bryan, it’s a phantom load, literally doesn’t exist. It “turned off” last night at 130ish.

@ivanrussell If it happens again, you can go to the device and select the settings icon (upper right). Under manage, select report a problem. If the device shows as on in Sense, it will give you a “device is not on” option. I’ve had to use this where Sense confuses something else running than the device it believes is running (a bit of a separate issue than a phantom load).

Anyway, this will force it off in Sense and the data is fed back to improve Sense as described in this blog post:


I will look for that option next time it happens. Hopefully never hehe…