Mystery Device?


Will someone help me identify this device? Sense labeled the device “Heat 2”. Monday’s stats: turned on/off 32 times for a total of 11m, 44s and 0.0 kWh. Tuesday’s stats: turned on/off 16 times for a total of 5m, 52s and 0.0 kWh. Today’s stats: turned on/off 3 times for at total of 1m, 6s and 0.0 kWh.

Similar devices named by the community: Dryer 22%, Rice Cooker 6%, Hair Curler/Straightener 6%, Light 4% and Dishwasher 4%.

Average consumption: 331w

Average run time: 21 seconds

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Without seeing any pattern from a screenshot, it’s a shot in the dark.


This is related to the Aquarium Heater already identified by Sense. I merged the “Heat 2” device with the Aquarium Heater.

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