Mystery "discovered Heater, Dishwasher or Stove" that uses 500 +/- watts at odd times. (Solved)

This one took me a few weeks but I finally figured it out. My sense has found the defrost heaters in my side by side refrigerator and in my stand up freezer. Depending on usage your refrigerator will defrost itself a few times a day. Somehow both of mine know to do it around midnight.

What I want some banter with is there isn’t an appropriate category to put this in nor do I want to merge it with the refrigerator or freezer because I have an alert on both to tell me if either go 24 hours without a defrost. I wish there could be a sub category under devices to attach related systems.
My sense has now found the ice maker, ice dispenser, water dispenser, defrost and the refrigerator itself. It would be nice to make it into a tree rather than separate bubbles.

If you want to know for sure, you can manually trigger a defrost on your refrigerator or freezer. Just google your model number and “manual defrost”. If yours has a mechanical timer you should be able to activate it by turning a dial somewhere around the control panel of your fridge. If it’s electronic sometimes you can push the light button a few times.

I know there is an old topic about this but I wanted to give it some more detail and clarity to help others figure it out in the future.

Glad you were able to find these. Refrigerator internal components vary so much based on the size, model and other factors, so it’s not a surprise to see it as the culprit here.

This would be a good Product Wishlist post :slight_smile: .

I was just poking around there to see if it had already been requested. I’ll get on that!