Mystery Heat with no usage


Sense periodically finds new Heat devices in my home. New device detection is good, except that these devices have exactly zero detected usage, have no previously recorded data, and are never sensed again after detection. I’ve deleted two (I think) in the past and currently have two additional such devices. One thinks it’s a big device, like an oven or dryer, and the 2nd is a ‘random undifferentiated’ device, with at least 5 possibilities.

I have several devices that are only partially detected, such as my electric dryer (very partial data capture) and my ovens (hit and miss if any data is reported at all). But there’s no activation of any mystery heat whenever one of these large appliances runs.

Any ideas? It’s very strange to have detected devices with precisely zero usage reported.


Same experience here. Detected the first device as “Light 1”. Ok… tracked it down to a the master closet light as it registered a fairly “large” load of 183 watts. Next came “Heat 1” and maybe a week later “Heat 2”. Exactly as the tmcbrayer stated, I too detected no usage. I will be patient and see how all these pan out. But to its credit, it clearly recognized the “Microwave” and “Dryer”… That gave me a feel good sensation. I am NOT holding my breath for it to detect my Chevy Volt.


Chevy Volts are regularly detected. Check out the available threads. Here’s a Volt-specific one, with images; Electric Vehicle - 2017 Chevy Bolt EV

And here’s the massive (over 450 posts) omnibus EV detection thread: Detecting Electric Vehicle (EV) devices

The short version is EVs require specific usage models for each model of EV, and the Volt is one that has such a model created for it. It took between 1 and 2 months of charging 4-6 times a week for my Leaf to be detected once the usage model was available. Make sure you perform a full charge cycle each time, and be patient, and your Volt should be detected.

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Thanks, will keep in mind on my charging habits.